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Bill Explanation:
As of the January 2023 billing our rates are $8.45 per thousand gallons.  The reading on the bill is in increments of 100 gallons.

The Monthly Minimum is $25.00 per month.  This charge in addition to any purchase of water.  

Please note that rates are subject to change.  These monthly rates went in the effect in January of 2023. 

Bills are sent out on the last business day of the month.  Bills are due and payable upon receipt. Bills are past due and delinquent on the 17th day of the month billed. All bills not paid by the due date shall be subject to a (10) ten percent late payment charge on the unpaid amount. Failure to receive bill does not excuse non-payment. A termination notice is sent to delinquent accounts on the 1st business day of the month and services are subject to disconnection if the water service bill is not paid by the 10th day after the termination notices are sent. The full balance, including late charges, plus a $50 reconnect fee must be paid to restore service.

Consumer Confidence Report
The 2021 CCR is available to view at this link: www.krwa.net/ccr/Sedgwick3

Helpful Links:
Kansas Rural Water Association: www.krwa.net

Local accredited water testing labs:  www.kdheks.gov/envlab/disclaimer/html

Frequently Asked Questions:
Where does our water come from?  We purchase water from the City of Wichita.  We have done so since 2011.

What is the Monthly Minimum?  This fee is for the cost of operating and maintaining the District.  This is charged in addition to any water used and has always been a part of the District's billing structure.

Information updated 1/11/2023